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My History starts

In 2017, I  “Nicole van der Kooij” founded VDK Cosmetics. What started in the Netherlands in 2007 as a beautician with a passion for the skin and its ingredients, I have further developed my passion as a Cosmetic Chemist and because of this the beautiful Brand GenCos®by Nicole was born.

In 2015, I moved to Germany, but between 2015 and 2017 I continued my work in my “Skin Institute Zoetermeer in the Netherlands” 3 days a week. The other days in Germany I devoted myself to writing the formulations, researching and developing of the promising Brand GenCos®.

As an experience expert, when developing GenCos®, I knew what I wanted to do differently than what is offered by different suppliers or brands. Namely letting the consumer “your customers” only pay for what is actually processed in the product and not what is around it and the marketing. No, really, only the maximum used active ingredients with proven effectiveness and effect. No more and certainly no less. Only this way can I guarantee that the products do what I promise, and all this not only for immediate results, but also for the long term.

What I really crucial found  in all of this, was protecting you as a hard-working beautician by not offering online sales to consumers, and that is what makes me unique as a brand. But even more important because only with the right advice and with regular treatments, the products give the maximum effect and results.

I can therefore rightly speak about a Brand; developed by and for the beautician.
VDK Cosmetics stands for: Keep the good, remove the bad, and concentrate on what is working.

Driven by my ambition to get the best out of every skin while respecting nature, based on scientific evidence and the latest technologies, the development of GenCos®by Nicole was completed in 2018 and the products have passed all necessary tests and approvals in 2019.

I can now name a whole list of ingredients that are not in the products, but let’s be honest, that is no longer in many products on the market these days. So to be distinct, I’d rather tell you what’s inside:

Let's continue in the belief that those who are committed to a great and worthy cause will never fail.

~Nicole. van der Kooij

Founder & CEO

The Brand

Advance skin care

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